Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?

So, you’re all set with your wedding invites. The banquet has been for the reception party. Your dress is decided and nicely stocked in your wardrobe. Photographer – Check. Favorite Band performing at the venue – Check. This might seem the ideal situation for any bride and groom right before their most important day. But what most of the couples forget till the last moment is their Honeymoon plans.
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A wedding ceremony isn’t complete without the perfect Honeymoon to a picturesque destination which would be remembered by the couple for the rest of their lives. A Honeymoon tour is unlike the traditional Family Holiday Packages which are full of sightseeing, trying different restaurants all over the destination and shopping at the best arcades of the country. A Honeymoon is the perfect time for a couple to spend more time with each other, rather than clicking photographs all over the town. Hence, choosing the right Honeymoon destination is of prime importance.

Moreover, the Honeymoon destination has to be in sync with the choices of both the bride and the groom – which gives them a chance to relax in their perfect setting as well as do something new and worth remembering. Generally, since most of the couples leave their decision for the Honeymoon till the last moment, they mostly make the choice of going to places where people go for their Honeymoon the most. This is the worst decision any couple could ever make, because the choices of a certain couple, may or may not be the same as another couple.
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